2010-09-04 @ 09:54:02
Vi- Tomas och jag har gift oss nu i august efter 25års förlovning! Så numera heter jag  min MANS efternamn :))

We have getting married in beginning of August!!! Our wedding was just wonderful in everyway and we are so happy to get married after 25 years engagedment!!! This is few photos of our weddingday! I have also take my husbands lastname now ;D

 The picture have been taken of our oldest daughter! Thank you Cecilia for all the lovely photos!!!

This photo was taken by our son Oskar and I am greatful both of our oldest children Cecilia and Oskar who taken our picture of our weddingday!!! THANK you both!!!!

This day is the brightest day of my life and I will keep this day close to my heart!! It is the happy moments in our life!!!


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