2010-09-04 @ 10:15:22
Arne har gjort det igen........................ Han har tagit sitt andra Cert på Gotland och det var 1år sedan som han ställdes ut! Wow!!!!

Arne had did it again.............................. He has taken his second CC on the Island Gotland and it was one year since I show Arne at dogshow!! WoW!!!!!!

Arne is always doing his best in every moment and every day!!! I love this boy so much and I am very greatful to Carol who let me buy him and trust me all the way!!! I will never let you down Carol and I always keep my promises to you as I told you before ;) THank you Carol for being such a wonderful breeder to this lovely breed and such a lovely breeder to us puppybuyers!! I am greatful for that!!!

 The judge is looking ;)
 Movements in the ring ;))
 More movements!!! The judge told me that I am running to fast as in very hurry :D
 Another judge is going over my lovely boy <3<3<3
 Finally we got second CC!!!!!! First I didn't understand that it ws us who is going to take CC :))))))

 We have fun together and Arne wants to look at me all the time that is why I push my hand over Arne's nose ;)
 When Arne looks into the camera I look angry ;)) But I am the happiest owner in the whole wide world!!!! I am the owner of Arne and I love hime so much so it's nearly breathtaken!!!!


2010-09-04 @ 09:54:02
Vi- Tomas och jag har gift oss nu i august efter 25års förlovning! Så numera heter jag  min MANS efternamn :))

We have getting married in beginning of August!!! Our wedding was just wonderful in everyway and we are so happy to get married after 25 years engagedment!!! This is few photos of our weddingday! I have also take my husbands lastname now ;D

 The picture have been taken of our oldest daughter! Thank you Cecilia for all the lovely photos!!!

This photo was taken by our son Oskar and I am greatful both of our oldest children Cecilia and Oskar who taken our picture of our weddingday!!! THANK you both!!!!

This day is the brightest day of my life and I will keep this day close to my heart!! It is the happy moments in our life!!!


2010-09-04 @ 09:38:22
Här är bilder tagna bara på Arne och hur han älskar livet ;))

Here is some picture of Arne and how he enjoy his life and the life he lives in ;)))

 Arne is realxing after a walk.
 Arne love to be in water and he love to play in the water and play on the land as well!
 As you can see Arne stand still and enjoy the water!
 Arne plays only with the water bubbles, sometimes he has also a ball in the water ;D I love this lovely boy o much!!!
 This man is so funny and I love him with all my heart!!!!

Arne och Alice

2010-09-04 @ 09:23:02

Här är bilder på Arne och Alice när dom leker med varandra!
Here is some picture of Arne and Alice when they are playing together :))


Min älskade Arne// My wonderful and lovely boy Arne!!! <3<3<3

Sommaren 2010

2010-09-04 @ 09:11:58
Så har sommaren gått ifrån oss men vi står någonstans mellan sensommar och höst tycker jag!
Vissa dagar har vi varmt och skönt och där emellan är det gråkallt och kyligt! brrrr!

Några bilder från sommaren, ett axplock!

 Visst är den vacker!!! Våran mjölkkanna!!!
 Våran damm ;)
 Även en liten hund kan- Alice!!!

 Våran Arne är så sugen på våran dotters tårta. Dottern fyller år!!!

 En kvällspromenad, två hundar och en katt med på släpet :))

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