2010-09-04 @ 10:15:22
Arne har gjort det igen........................ Han har tagit sitt andra Cert på Gotland och det var 1år sedan som han ställdes ut! Wow!!!!

Arne had did it again.............................. He has taken his second CC on the Island Gotland and it was one year since I show Arne at dogshow!! WoW!!!!!!

Arne is always doing his best in every moment and every day!!! I love this boy so much and I am very greatful to Carol who let me buy him and trust me all the way!!! I will never let you down Carol and I always keep my promises to you as I told you before ;) THank you Carol for being such a wonderful breeder to this lovely breed and such a lovely breeder to us puppybuyers!! I am greatful for that!!!

 The judge is looking ;)
 Movements in the ring ;))
 More movements!!! The judge told me that I am running to fast as in very hurry :D
 Another judge is going over my lovely boy <3<3<3
 Finally we got second CC!!!!!! First I didn't understand that it ws us who is going to take CC :))))))

 We have fun together and Arne wants to look at me all the time that is why I push my hand over Arne's nose ;)
 When Arne looks into the camera I look angry ;)) But I am the happiest owner in the whole wide world!!!! I am the owner of Arne and I love hime so much so it's nearly breathtaken!!!!

Postat av: Ulla-Britta

Var har ni tagit vägen både Ka...Tina och Arne???

Kram från oss i Alva-City

2010-10-15 @ 17:07:04
URL: http://"
Postat av: Carina Öhman

GRATTIS till 2a certet, härlig känsla!

Mvh Carina

2010-10-22 @ 20:01:29

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